“As a wheelchair bodybuilder my arms and joints get used constantly, they ache with mild pain so the use of Xenca Revitalise Collagen has helped massively with a heaped teaspoon twice a day.”

Dan Smith - IFBB Pro Wheelchair Bodybuilder

“I am more than happy to endorse Xenca Revitalise Collagen as I have been using it on and off for over 3 years. I have found it extremely beneficial in reducing stiffness and arthritis in my joints and, as a spin-off, I feel it has also had a beneficial effect on my skin and hair. After 3 or 4 weeks I began to realise the aches and pains had got easier, or even gone away, and recovery after exercise was much quicker. I used it for 3 months and then stopped for 2 months, to see whether it was just psychological. It wasn’t long, however, before the old symptoms returned. I am now convinced of its beneficial value and use it regularly.”

Peter Crayford - England Hockey - Great Grand Masters Manager


“Xenca is providing my dogs and me with Revitalise Sports Collagen to help us recover better and more quickly after training. Jason Redding from Chestnut Clinic, Calne has been playing a vital role in the recovery of my fractured collarbone, shoulder and elbow problems. Without his help I wouldn't be back on my bike now training for the World Championships in October.”

Victoria Rock - Team GB Athlete, Bikejoring

“I would like to add a testimonial for your product "Xenca Revitalise Collagen" I recently purchased from you.
I am now pain free in just a matter of days. After a replacement to my right knee and a damaged right foot after a fall my joint pain was extreme. I was considering having my left knee replaced. But since taking the capsules I have been pain free and my quality of life has improved dramatically.
Thanks to your excellent product it has worked wonders.
 Regards and thanks.” 
John Lunt

“I used to experience real pain in my knees after kneeling down to play with my grandson. Since taking collagen capsules on a regular basis, it is no longer a problem. I’m amazed that something as simple and harmless as these collagen capsules can have such a dramatic impact.”  

“Having spent all of my working life in the construction industry, hard physical graft began to take its toll on the body, especially the joints, but fortunately help was at-hand with collagen hydrolysate capsules, three in the morning and three at night has helped to ease the discomfort with the added benefit of now having stronger nails that don’t continually break.
My wife also benefits from having hair that has a natural shine and is much more luxuriant.”  
Pat & Lynne

“My reason for using Collagen was through a recommendation to take Collagen Hydrolysate. My knees had been damaged through several years of hard sport and I was constantly suffering with painful knees. After a month of taking collagen the pain subsided and I haven't suffered since. This has got me back into regular exercise and the sports I enjoy.
This was after having 14 years of regular visits to the doctor’s with no success and at one point walking with a stick. Thank you Xenca Collagen - Happy Days!”  
Gaz P.

“Working in the building industry takes its toll on the body. For many years I have suffered from frozen shoulders, resulting in acute pain when moving my arms past horizontal. Various consultations with doctors resulted in steroid injections, physiotherapy and even acupuncture. All of these gave short term relief of varying amounts but none lasted too long.
Then along came Revitalise Collagen. I was advised to try this by a friend. Initially I took 12 capsules a night. The results were nothing short of amazing. Within six weeks I could get my arms above my head. I have now reduced the dosage to six a night and although I still get the odd twinge I am confident that over time, with regular use, the problem will be sorted. Thank you.” 
Tim Cox

Tom Kelly - European Drug Free Powerlifting Champion

Tom began weight training at a young age and, as a Secondary school student, he would often find himself sneaking into the University gym around the corner from his house. As he began laying down a foundation in strength and exploring his limits, it became apparent that strength was something that came naturally to Tom. It wasn’t long before he began helping others and passing on his acquired training knowledge.

It was in 2006 that Tom began to look for a more focused outlet for his training. Strongman had always been of great interest and motivation to him but he had never tried any of the events. He and a friend discovered ‘Strength-Tec’ gym in Fareham, where they got involved in Strongman event training every Saturday. It wasn’t long before it was time to compete but unfortunately, while training, Tom detached his left bicep, which led to surgery 5 weeks later and a long road through rehab back to full strength.

As a means of regaining some focus to his training after rehab, Tom turned his attention to Powerlifting and never looked back. Tom has become European Drug Free Powerlifting Champion and British Drug Free Powerlifting Champion several times.

Tom has overcome several injuries and setbacks over the years, including 3 surgeries which most recently involved an Arthroscopy of his left knee to clean up some damage to lateral meniscus, underside of the patella and articular cartilage at the upper outside aspect of the knee.

On returning from surgery, Tom immediately included Xenca’s Collagen Revitalise supplement into his rehab programme and, in the words of his surgeon, has made remarkably good progress considering the extensive nature of the operation. With such a clear endorsement from a specialist, Tom will continue his rehab, aided by this great supplement. He aims to be challenging for a World title and some new records to add to his collection very soon.

Tom’s records include…

  • BDFPA & WDFPF Raw Powerlifting Records
  • BRITISH records in - Squat, Bench, Deadlift & Total
  • EUROPEAN records in - Squat, Deadlift & Total
  • WORLD records in – Deadlift & Total
  • BPC Raw Powerlifting Records
  • BRITISH records in - Squat, Bench, Deadlift & Total